And we are LIVE! – Indiegogo Campaign

Our Indiegogo crowd funding campaign is almost into its second week and we are almost 10% funded already! There’s loads of exciting stuff going on over on our campaign page, like an introductory video, a look at the story (done with tiny paper models!!) and some footage of a recent rehearsal with Alice Bird and Stuart Mortimer, 2/3 of our fantastic leading cast. Whilst the campaign is ticking along nicely, we’re continuing with pre-production at GGHQ. This thursday will see our first drawing session with China Jordan. Portraiture is, I am told, a very time-consuming art form, and since it’s so important to give China the time she needs to do her best work, we’re starting early! I look forward to posting a few pictures of the session on here next week.

In the meantime, please head over to the campaign page – we’ve loads of awesome rewards on offer, including artwork from the film, posters, imdb credits, and even the chance to appear in the film itself! Wow – I’ll have to have a sit down after all that excitement. And a cup of tea.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

– GGHQ xxx

Indiegogo Campaign Poster