At Garden Gate Arts we aim to create commercially viable, character-driven media.

We are primarily a film production company working in London and West Yorkshire (our roots are sunk firmly in the north of England) however we have various projects in the pipeline that also branch out into television and theatre.

Filming Visiting Annie

Whilst we believe that style is an incredibly important element in filmmaking, we do not think it should be everything. The thing that grabs us and moves us when we watch a good film is the story. Sometimes the story is as simple as retelling a moment of a person’s life; sometimes an entire film can revolve around a character making one decision or struggling with one obstacle.

We do not necessarily believe that all art should be representative of true life. There are some true stories that it is important to tell, and exploring a character who actually lived is a great experience for both the production team and the actor. However, we also strongly believe in escapism, and the power of art to take us somewhere outside of ourselves, whilst still resonating with what it is to be human.

Rehearsing Visiting Annie

We have a strong commitment to equality, both in the workplace and on screen, and believe that stereotypes can be a hindrance to storytelling. From 2014 we are making a deliberate attempt to address some of the gender stereotypes in the film industry (for more information see our ‘news’ section). Art is for everyone, by everyone, and should be based on talent and skill rather than age, gender, race or sexual orientation.

Our name comes from a relative of the staff. The Auntie in question used to say ‘don’t go beyond the garden gate’. Whilst sound advice for a child living next to a busy road (thank you Auntie), applied to the real world it represents our willingness to push the boundaries of ‘safe’ storytelling. Sometimes you have to take a creative risk to find the most worthwhile idea.


A huge Yorkshire thank you to Rich Norgate for designing our logo, and to Pete Hart for designing and setting up our website.

Set Dressing for Curtain